Sweater Success !

jenjoycedesign©010Here they are folks, my beautiful nieces in their Autumn sweaters.

I’ve been quite busy with these sweaters since July.


This Autumn I have designed a Winter version of last Spring’s design, because to my amazement it was so well received, I just couldn’t resist making another Penny Candy design for cold weather.  It has some unique features that are different from the tee, but I won’t go into the details until the pattern comes out.

These are two longer ‘tunic’ examples of Penny Candy Winter.




One thing I’m a little embarrassed about is that it seems that Miss Fourteen has ‘shrunk’ a little in the last year, from training so much with her school’s cross-country & track team, and I somehow anticipated her needing more room for a winter pullover, so I apparently made it a bit on the ‘too’ big side.


 While Miss Eleven has grown even more since I last saw her last August, and wearing her pullover with not much room to grow into.  She’s grown inches and inches this year, and doesn’t seem to be stopping, and already passing me up in height !

jenjoycedesign©027We flounced around Calistoga in the late morning, seeking out our usual spots, hoping for shade, but missing it for the most part. The ‘four corners’ on Lincoln & Washington streets, then the mural of Old Town Calistoga.  One thing, it was incredibly HOT while taking these photos, in case you can’t imagine, it was probably in the 80’s easy at 11:30, when we finished.

 Miss Eleven is modelling the Penny Candy Winter in it’s signature stripes & lace in four colors, whiles Miss Fourteen models the basic solids version.  I’ve been working on the pattern like an ox through all the summer it seems, and I am very close to finishing, so I thought it a good thing to show you the photos from this morning.


You can see the rest of this morning’s note-worthy photos in the slideshow …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click image below to see all Sweater Successes past .

September 2010

10 thoughts on “Sweater Success !

  1. The girls are so precious and look beautiful in their lovely sweaters. I think that these are wonderful and worth all your hard work. Congratulations!

  2. This is a WONDERFUL design. I love the length and I think it looks great just a little bit big. Looks nice and snuggly for those cool autumn days.

  3. The girls look adorable in their new sweaters, which are just adorable themselves. You did a really fine job. The slideshow was fun to watch and I enjoyed reading this post, as the sweaters are just so pretty! And so are your nieces.

  4. Gorgeous models and sweaters! I was afraid you’d be stuck with a heat wave for the photoshoot, but it could have been worse. It’s been 100 here for the past three days!

  5. I LOVE them! The winter detail of the two colored one is just perfect!
    I am just finishing up my upsized yoke on my tee, hopefully soon it will be cool enough to wear it.

  6. Cute! Stripes and lace would be too much for me, but I ADORE the solid version. I’m imagining it on sky blue with white angora trim and just thinking about it makes me feel warm!

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