Pour vous, ce beau poisson!

poisson d' avril post cards 15

Just look at these!

poisson poisson d' avril post cards 11

I found these French Victorian era postcards for April 1st, with hilarious & obscure meanings  of ‘fish of April’ , and various happy sentiments with fish, a delightfully bizarre tradition.

poisson d' avril post cards 8

…and simply had to post some of them, to herald in my new design.

poisson d' avril post cards 6

What is so perfect about a theme of ladies in lace… and fish?

poisson d' avril post cards 7

Well, in a day or so you will see, as I will present to you after a long arduous two months of knitting samples ~~  my new lace design!

poisson d' avril post cards-beautiful-fish-april-fools-day

 Until then there’ll be a bit of splashing about as I reel this one in.poisson d' avril post cards 5


In closing, if there are any of you from France, or general historians of France, out there who can offer more explanation to the meaning of these old post cards, and the origin of the “fish of April”,  I’d be grateful for a comment!

12 thoughts on “Pour vous, ce beau poisson!

    • I couldn’t believe the find, especially as they have a triple coincidence of lace, fish , and shades of pink! How lucky are we Wen! 🙂 xx

  1. Thank you for all these wonderful fishy blog entries! Meanwhile, I am so excited about your new design, I think it’s really time to present it! (For excitement I eat a lot more fish / sushi than usual!)
    xoxo Petra

    • Hello Petra, thanks for visiting. I know I am carrying on far too long with all these fishy posts, but I have to entertain myself somehow while I knit four lace things. I hope to be done knitting the last today or tomorrow, and maybe as early as Friday be ready to submit. Crossing my fingers! xx

  2. I’m catching up on my summer blog reading – please excuse this late reply. Actually, the “poisson d’Avril” thing is pretty much the same as our “April fool”. Note the date, April 1st. Don’t know why the French chose fish, but if you get the “April fish”, you’re the fool. These postcards are fab, though. I’d love to frame a whole collection of them!

    • Forgot to mention that French candy shops offer all sorts of beautiful chocolate fish for April 1. I remember wondering why the shop windows were filled with shoals of chocolate seafood . . .

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