Tweed Chronicles: Madrone

(photo from archives Whisper In The Woods)

What I miss most right now,  are the madrones , Arbutus Menziesii, a unique kind of tree native to the California Coast and mountain ranges, with an interesting rusty orange bark that sheds in papery sheets…

Madrones have an indescribable color if ever you were to witness, it turning at first shed a bright green, which changes in a matter of days to a greyish orange, then to browner rust.

by the window

( photo from archives…  Gone Wild)

Among the madrones is a wonderful place to be;  hidden,  enchanting,  and ever-so-quiet, and kept company right outside of the window where I loved to write, knit, or spin.    I have tried to capture my madrones, blending color after color,  overdoing the layers, but eventually I think I found close to the indescribable.  A bit too much orange I think, but I have made notes of how to improve my next blending experiment.

♣     ♣     ♣

Meanwhile Emma seems to be perfectly happy in her new napping places…


I take her up nearly everyday to the woods, the place where the house was ~~ will be again~~ (which is as of last weekend a nice freshly excavated dirt area) , and she loves to sniff the air while riding in the back of the car with the windows down, and bark at the cows or horses she see’s along the way. I spoil her a lot these days, and we love our trip up the mountain to the ‘house’ …  we meander as before, and I am knit-walking again!

♣     ♣     ♣

Techy stuff  for Madrone …

  • Added 10g each of cinnamon, rose, and amber, layered again.
  • Lift batt, and layered again.  Too pink,  so decided to add 5g  of amber.
  • Not brown enough, so added 5g Hazelnut, and layered to have a bit of brown streaking in the spin.
  • Drew off rolags.
  • Colorway of blend “Madrone”
  • Note of improvement:  Next time more red instead of the amber step, and more brown on last blend.
  • See ALL color blending experiments & recipes archived in Tweed Chroniclesjenjoycedesign©woods


16 thoughts on “Tweed Chronicles: Madrone

  1. So happy you are knit walking again. I adore the madrone. We have a lot of manzanita here in the lower areas of the Valley, Both have amazing wood growth. The color you have in this blend is the most fascinating one so far for me. I just love this color. As you know I spin mostly Shetland in natural shades, but this one here….I am tempted to play. TY for the techie stuff too!

  2. Your latest post ,, the madrones… YOU NAILED IT… Colors gorgeous. Can I order a sweater ? It’s the mountain and your love for it. Sweetheart …sending love michele

  3. Fascinating to do such blending! What a neat color of trees! I had never heard of the Madrone tree before. I think you have nailed the color quite well. Very nice!

    You have inspired me to do some blending of my own on my big Indigo Hound double pitch combs. It’s been so much fun! And I can create my own combed top this way so my more coarse Romney fiber will be shinier, smoother and the luster will gleam to make the colors sparkle. It’s easy to draft off the long fibers as a long strip and then spin. The resulting yarn will be wonderful as weft for tapestry weaving.

    It’s lovely to see how you are doing so well. Big hugs! I rejoice to see that you are knit walking as you have before.

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