Out Walking

jenjoycedesign© ridge-road

This morning we got out earlier than we have been.

jenjoycedesign© paws 2018

I am hiking solo now, but sometimes I’ll drive up the road a little ways and give Emma a ride, then she waits in the car in a nice shady spot.

jenjoycedesign© waiting in car

She still looks so healthy, but she does not like to walk very far.  Isn’t she just beautiful?


Today I had my Nikon and took some photos of regrowth in the landscape.  New shoots emerging prolifically from burned trees everywhere!

jenjoycedesign© black oak shoots

The wildfire burned so much foliage and shrubs on the ridge that I’ve been finding old dump sites and old roads long abandoned too, but mostly, trees are making a come-back , and the flowers bloomed as ever before…

jenjoycedesign©old dump

On the way back to our Tiny House, stopping where our house “was”.  Do you recognize the landscape beyond that I so often photographed from our deck?

jenjoycedesign© new ground

Many trees I am finding , are still alive with green crowns, so all is not lost. In fact, the big black oak which shaded our house and most of the deck in the heat of the summer afternoon, was so badly burned we thought no chance, but now it has green sprouting out of ash-grey trunk!  The wildfire brings so much perspective about potential of regeneration, that I must witness this as I walk through the seasons. I’ve put all my focus on the hill before me, and knitting as I go.

Life is good.

jenjoycedesign© solo walking

7 thoughts on “Out Walking

  1. Hey, I recognize those toots! Keep it up, Sweet Girl! I think the more we get out there and face the truth of our damaged beloved mountain, the more we will be aware of the positive changes as they come. …. ( and I should take my own advice, I know.) xoxo

  2. Your dog IS beautiful, glad you go for rides and walks together.

    I know it is a completely different scale, but when I was a kid, the fire department would burn the marsh behind our house to control mosquitoes. It would come up so green and beautiful after that! I know it will take longer but your woods will, too. And you will find treasures like old roads and things in the process. There is always a silver lining, eventually.

    • Thank you, your perspective matters. It is the reason I love to have the comments welcoming folk to chat away. I personally am on the brink of getting use to it. There’s not much silver lining up here because we’re talking about loggers taking down thousands of Redwoods, and the firs, but on our property, we are not allowing the logging. Nor is the logging up on the ridge, where the burn was the worst. I don’t know how long you’ve been reading my blog but Emma use to be such a force to manage, especially as we hiked the ridge and she loved to chase all the wildlife, but now is over 13, and every month she stays healthy, and with me, I treasure. Its been a rough year, but things are settling, and she’s doing well, and I am doing better. Seeing the forest through the trees a little. xx

      • I am glad you are keeping the loggers away! Sadly, a burn is part of the cycle of nature, we don’t need to interfere with that more than we already do! But the earth recovers if we let it.

        13 is old for a big dog like Emma! I haven’t followed you long enough to know how she was but she does look beautiful and healthy. If her hips are good, you should have her for some time to come. Which won’t feel long enough.

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