Things Happening


Now for a little catch up on the house construction!

Do you recognize my signature view of the mountains?


Foundation poured, and floor joists going up , photos just taken less than an hour ago, during the workers’ lunch break.

Then a few hours later….


Watch this space, things are really happening now. Next week construction starting on the road (we’re forced to put in a road to rebuild!)  and also starting next week will be the posts & beams of the timberframe going up!

♥   ♥   ♥

Emma is thirteen & a half today!


Yesterday I took Emma out for a little walk, although not very far.  I’ve been rather quiet about things going on with Emma, but now she is on the mend, I will mention that she seems to be slowly recovering from a serious illness which came on in the first days of September rendering her completely unable to move on her own, and with very little appetite. I thought I lost her and was enormously miserable for weeks as I nursed her , but now she’s able to walk a little on her own, getting stronger every day, and eating a lot!IMG_20181101_094756.jpg

  My constant companion Emma ~~ she’s such a soldier!

18 thoughts on “Things Happening

  1. Happy 13 1/2 Birthday Emma, you look marvellous.

    Wow!!!!!! I am so happy for you that your house is coming along. I hope that the road will be finished soon.

    • Wendy, Emma is doing so much better now. House starting, and new design on the needles, I’m just in a fine mood lately. On Monday supposedly the road people will start excavating the old logging road, at the same time the timbers going up~~ xx

  2. Oh, the house will show great progress now! Exciting! And I know you weren’t happy about needing to do the road but I hope it turns out beautifully. But most importantly, Emma is on the mend!!! Give the girl a hug from me!

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