This morning I’m dreaming about white lace in an Irish cottage window, so utterly timeless and beautiful.  Just a lace stole draped over a simple cord would do excellently.  Isn’t a curtain like this so much the same as a bridal veil, crisp and bright with the virgin morning light peering through, promising a day as good as it gets.  Maybe a Golden Fields or an Aria shawl would be the perfect window curtain.  I must find some white linen fine yarn, and like an expecting mother knitting baby clothes, instead I could be knitting a lace curtain for my future (rebuilt) knitting loft.  What a lovely thing to think about !

The near future so full of promise , yet I have been just quiet and contemplative through astonishingly cold days of January & February, while so much rain fell, and a couple times it snowed, one which I posted about.  March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, they say. Patiently I knit at the table,  next to napping Emma,  knowing very soon it will be the vernal equinox.  Building progress is so much slower in winter, and in the wild.  Presently the house is a maze of wires and pipe and venting….


The house weathered the winter without a roof,

covered only in the first sheer layer , and then plastic through the worst storms of the year.

Oh, but the windows, they will surely be installed soon.


I know that in a blink it will be finished.  I am hoping that by the Autumnal Equinox of this year I will be living in the house once again, picking up where things were left off, which I think about constantly now.   I ponder about where life was just before the wildfire;   what I was working on,  what was making me excited,  what had I just accomplished, what designs was I thinking of, and patterns was I writing and ready to test knit,  how far was I walking in the days, what was influencing me, and what great new recipes was I inventing . . . etc.   I so very much enjoy contemplating this blissful time which is destined to come back to me.   But six months? Maybe longer … or sooner? We can’t know for sure, and so “maybe” is such a fickle word. I know in my head this is not far off, but in my body and heart I am so exhaustively constrained existing in a tiny space, and once again having rooms wherein to move about will be a massive improvement to life, and will send me into a euphoric state!  I am so very grateful for being able to cocoon in our tiny house up in the charcoal forest for this epic waiting period,  although I am so very ready to come out of hibernation.

14 thoughts on “waiting

  1. Jen, the idea of making fine curtains in the awareness joy of your forthcoming new house, is so good!
    and the feeling of “I can create something beautiful, instead of unsure waiting” can be good energy, for your awakeing out of hibernation.
    Love bunches from Petra
    (….in her last few days of danish hibernation – without doing anything, only watching the sky and the sea)

    • Petra-chen! Your hibernation at the sea, is it just euphoric? Do you go out to the sandy waters edge morning noon and night? Just you and your two sons? I can just imagine, so blissful!
      I remembered, I do have some white yarn that you sent me from the barn sale , remember? Do you think that would be nice in my studio window? Oh, just think, I could cast on today while the distraction is feverish! I think if I do you must give me permission. 🙂 I will search for that yarn gift in my tiny attic right now….xx

      • How funny the pictures I am getting in my head: you
        rummaging in your attic, while discussing with Ms. Abelene your newest feverish distraction!
        Go girl go!
        (I choose the undyed yarn – it´s not linen – because I thought it will give you the possibility of dying it into whatever color you wish to. But if it will get a curtain ( or tablecloth…… or school girl socks….) the natural color would be perfect!)

        • The attic is just a mini loft, with no standing room, and I dare not post a photo. I am thinking now that I think I’d rather overdye your yarn and knit into socks, is that what you thought I might do? I really don’t have time right now to knit the curtains, but maybe sometime before I move in.

          • best would be some latvian (or so, east of me countries, which are well known for their linen) ) linen yarn (for your lace curtain)….. I will keep my eyes and ears open….

            I guess the yarn is perfect for socks or a shawl, so if you are in a sock mood, go for it!

            • Petra, I was only musing about the idea. I have much too much to do presently, but its a really nice thought for another Springtime. Right now I’m just knitting socks and going to maybe knit a vest for myself, as I bought some Lettlopi ! But not until I’ve knit at least one pair of socks for my March Into Spring KAL… you see, the list goes on, and I mustn’t overwhelm myself with the pressure of knitting a curtain… lol 🙂 xx

              • I guess, longing for a fine lace curtain is such as my dream of having a beautiful bedspread! Looked and searched for a thousand times on ravelry, but knowing, it will never be finished…… but nevertheless dreaming of it.

                • Truth be told, with exception of one room in the house facing the front, which was ground level, the house had /will have no curtains!
                  I intend to get into quilting again too, Amish style. Why do you need Ravelry for your Dream Knitted Bedspread? Start right away! I did see the Fruity Knitting Podcast with the crochet , recently, did you? I can imagine you just having a very personal design all your own. Go Girl Go!

    • Yes on the pots of tea & sprinklers, but no on the tent. Last year the monocrop invited a massive aphid infestation, and none of the lettuces were at all appealing. THis year, going to plant all mixed beds ! In fact , I think I’m off to the nursery to check things out. xx

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