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Well folks, off goes another “pampas heather” ultra fine UnSpun 1100 in the mail, and this time to Pennsylvania. I have specifically made UnSpun yarns for some knitter friends of mine who have lavished their time knitting up tests of my patterns, time and time again. So thank you thank you thank you Virginia!

Technical stuff: 

I’m refining my technique for the UnSpun, especially with the very fine lace weight,  UnSpun 1100 , which is 550 yards per 50 grams.  After I separate the plies and splice them all together while winding on to the swift,  I then give the skein a careful hot wash to only slightly felt the strands, so that when they are dry and wound into a skein or cake, they are de-energized nearly completely.  Do you see how the dried washed skein below is ever so slightly ‘clumpy’ ? That is because its ever so slightly fused to itself — and I mean very barely — before winding back on to the swift or into a cake to release and smooth out.  One must really know the behavior of wool to try felting a yarn.  My thinking is,  if Rowan can do it , well then so can we. 🙂
The slight felting process is essential, and when I’m winding it off from the swift to a cake the single strand of yarn slightly pulls away from the whole mass, creating actually a lovely halo of woolen fuzz.    Anyway, I think that the UnSpun 1100 really is a winner accomplishment for me, and I look forward to sharing more experiments!

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7 thoughts on “Posted to Pennsylvania

  1. Hello Lovely
    This is not only gorgeous it is very interesting.
    Looks beautiful. I am honoured to be an “Unspun”…
    I have missed you and the goils!! And the lazy daze of knitting.
    Looking forward to having the time to sit down and catch up with comments on all platforms. And knitting.
    This looks so beautiful and I can’t wait to knit mine up…
    Much love!

    • Hello Cute-as-a-Button Karin! Thank you for saying hello, and let me tell you , oddly your Pampas Heather looked different than this, must have been a slightly darker, more heathered mix! I’m on a sock frenzy now! Time is rushing on, and I feel frozen in knitting… so strange. I need a life I think.
      Ready yourself for Autumn in a week, you lucky one! xx

  2. I too am honored to be a recipient of one of your pretty creations. The next trick will be to decide what project is deserving of this fantastic skein of wool. Back at ya with the “thank you’s” Jen. I can not wait to see it in person. BTW, how’s Emma?
    With love, V

    • Virginia, that particular color is much better in person, as the camera just couldn’t decide if it was a brown thing, or a teal , or what. I really enjoyed making and sending it off to you! xx

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