six days . . .

jenjoycedesign© new walls finished I have disappeared for a few days from my usual talkative places, but have been working very hard finishing the walls of my loft room studio. After six days I have just the affect I wanted, a look of weathered exterior walls of an old building, which makes for a very interesting photo background, and begs to have some interesting old hooks mounted.
jenjoycedesign© rubbed sienna tone for ' old building ' affect
Since last Tuesday I have plastered with Emma’s fur, painted two coats of primer, two coats of base color (with a quick sanding between coats of color), then finally this morning rubbed a faux finish with a watery semi-gloss sienna tone.  Here is the base color, nearly salmon . . .
jenjoycedesign© base color coat
The end result is a bit different than before, but hopefully the same warm terracotta mood as before, however, I do think that I may put in some more ‘veins’ of sienna color in the big wall, after this all dries . . .
jenjoycedesign© new walls finished 2
Apparently after six days I am still not finished.  Of course, I refined my method as I went, so the first sections are a bust and must be painted over and refinished;  a bit disappointing, and definitely anticlimactic, but I can’t settle for ” almost right “,  its either right or its not right.    I just can’t wait to move my yarns and tools of the trade into this space, and yet I have to wait until the room has had the electrician finish so that I may begin to occupy, which is realistically in July. So still some weeks still.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in old days horse hair was put into plaster to reinforce the plaster? So Emma’s fur in this plaster (although in artful clumps) isn’t far from the old way of doing things.


6 thoughts on “six days . . .

  1. I was going to mention the fun facts about horsehair in the plaster. These are things one comes face to face with when living and working on Victorian apartments in The City. Even our old farmhouse in Santa Rosa had the marvelous lath and plaster walls. There was a lot of gravel in that plaster. Sparks flew when I took the circular saw to the ceiling when we installed attic pull down stairs. I love what you’ve done with the walls. Cudos to you for your sticktuitivness with the technique. I always wanted to do that with the outside of our bouse, but wasn’t brave enough. Everything is looking topnotch, Jen. Xoxo

    • Moz, your old farmhouse must have been magical, but so is your present house. 🙂 I just can’t help but ponder how they collected so much horsehair, and was it from the body brushed, shaven, or what ~~ do you have any guesses? xx

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