Unspun, revisited.

Lady in Tweed:   “I have just knit myself this lovely Tweedex cardigan out of yarn that I had to put on layaway for six months before I could even start, and dammit to everlasting fire and brimstone, I’ve got a whole ball left over… a whole ball!   I am thinking I  really would like to knit a pair of gloves, or socks to match my tweed cardigan, but I need fine sport yarn, and as far as I know this yarn, in this amazing red color, only comes in worsted weight. Bah humbug!”

Lady in Tweed: “Oh, but wait,  if  I could somehow unravel,  disentangle,  or,  um,  untwist the two strands,  then I would get two balls from the yarn with half the thickness.  Oh, and that would be double the yardage too! I would have one hundred grams of fine weight tweed to then make a pair of gloves or socks from. Hmm,  most definitely.

[ Looks off into the distance with smug contemplation. ]

Lady in Tweed: “Heavens to Betsy, I think I’ve got a plan!”

Jen:  So yes, its back to getting the drop spindle out to use it for something completely different, and I just have to say ” watch this space ! “

11 thoughts on “Unspun, revisited.

    • Karin, your design forthcoming is going to rock the continent!
      By the way, you and I both have TOO many irons in TOO many fires. Oh,… wait, don’t say FIRES!
      I am just going crazy with rethinking my colossal stash. lol. Been there , done that, and coming back! xx

      • You gorgeous Reciprocator of Fan-Girl-Dom you!
        If I can break my habit of making everything unattainable and see thi9s design through to publication I will be very happy.
        And, how right you are about irons in the unmentionable!!
        It’s one of my ploys to prevent me facing my fears of the attainable!

        • I have no doubt your design will sail. Publishing on Ravelry is the easy part. You’re in the hard part now, so no after-school playmates for you. And the only rule is that you enjoy yourself, no other rules apply, no designing police!
          Oh, and as I wrote this post, a few hours ago now, apparently a new fire has started in the East Mtns of the Napa Valley (We’re in the West mountains) . Again, still scary. I am tired of this. xx

    • Virginia, the previous post was dead serious, so I thought to lighten it up a little with this one. But then again, I’m dead serious in this post too. (Always I’m afraid, too serious) Glad you got a laugh. 🙂 xx

    • Humor is kind of rare , interspersed by driving existential seriousness that is the norm, so glad someone got to enjoy that post before the hammer comes down again soon. (( oh , but knitting is such serious business !)) 🙂

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