Blocking a fishy thing . . .

Originating possibly on the Aran Islands, spreading wide through Europe, wherever the men were fishermen by trade their wives and sweethearts knit for them the iconic Fishermen Sweaters to weather the harsh conditions at sea. I find myself once again revisiting the elemental seascape through knitting, to stroll the sands of my creative imagination, collecting sentiments washed ashore, and above all, inspired from these iconic Fishermen Sweaters, I am working my needles to produce at long last, my own version. Just off the needles and blocking to dry, is the first of my own Fishy Thing . . .

7 thoughts on “Blocking a fishy thing . . .

    • Hey, Regina, you noticed my new set-up! 🙂 I had always just pinned or layed flat on the bed in the loft room (studio/guest room) and now there’s Juno, and she is always on the bed, and so I figured I should get some blocking mats and use the table instead.
      I hope you’re enjoying your last weeks of summer vacation, and that your Best Boy in the world is wagging happy. xx

  1. Hello!!!
    Finally found time to drop by and stillness sufficient to write a proper hello.
    That tantalising peek is not enough!
    More please!
    May I also recommend Esther Rutter’s “This Golden Fleece”. A brilliant writer with wonderful work on the Gansey and the history of wool and knitting in general.
    Much love

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