Christmas Knitting

Dear Nora and Fin-ster,

I want to tell you a little story about the Christmas hats I made for you. I wrote the pattern for this chullo in Spring of 2017 when your PopPop, Papa & Aunt Zan were in the Andes Mountains of Peru, walking the Camino Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I started when PopPop left, knitted a pile of them, wrote and submitted the pattern, and by the time he got back home a week later, I had finished everything! I named the design Camino Inca Chullo and there are many ways you can make them, but I knitted the improvisational variations for yours, making it up as I knitted along, from bits of yarn I had in a drawer, some that I overdyed with colors I thought you’d like. Nora, your Papa thought I ought to put kitty ears on yours, so I did, and positioned the ears where they worked best, as the top of the hat tends to slouch back. A soft slouchy chullo with cat ears sounds like a great hat I think , but the ears can be easily taken off if they’re not behaving. Fin-ster, I just want you to know that in the traditional dress of the Peruvians who live in the Andes Mountains, especially near Machu Picchu, only the men and boys wear these style hats, and usually have many very big fluffy tassels and pompoms, yours only has one rather small one by comparison, so wear it with pride Little Man! PopPop wanted me to make them for you, so I did, they are made of superwash wool, so they won’t shrink if you throw ’em in the washing machine, and also, the wool was grown from sheep in the Peruvian Mountains!  I better get them in the mail now, I hope you like them, and Happy Christmas! Love, Nanna.

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9 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting

  1. Hello,Hello!
    Remember me? It’s your bad but admiring ever-loving sister-friend from Australia!
    Long time no see.
    These are absolutely gorgeous.
    I have missed you.
    Have been bonkers busy trying to be a grown-up.
    Am here in the Ghost-town!!!!
    More soon
    Much Love

    • Hi Karin! So glad to hear you’re hanging out in your summer cabin, growing into adulthood ever-so-slowly (wink), out in the bush, and hopefully sipping something cool, with friends near. Here we are getting rain again, with the whole of November dry, I so want to put away the drought. I keep thinking of your wise words to me “the best is yet to come” and with that my beacon to follow, I am striving! xx

      • Yes honey! It has been amazing to return and find the earth has moved. In a major way.
        Strength was there!
        Lots of work.
        Much love to you and the very warmest and sweetest of Xmases.

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