Winter Solstice

This morning at first light I took my camera out to photograph a few for the post, but when I tried to upload them, nothing happened, so borrowing photos from the archives . . .

Transition into winter excites me, when inwardly I build anew. This morning my thoughts drift back to a dreamscape I had more than a decade ago, a vivid dream that I was sitting, nested in an ethereal kind of place, on a snowy crag, an unreal pillar of rock jutting up into the stratosphere. I was comfortable and warm, in a place of incessant night yet with illuminating snow below and snowflakes softly blowing around me and  as if I were brought up into an existentialist heavenly place, and I was unafraid of the elements.  This dreamscape is ever present in my spiritualistic sense of myself, and although the dream was long ago the memory of it is etched in my conscience, at times reminding me to hold steadfast as I make my way through transition, unafraid, into new unknowns.

Today being the Winter Solstice the shortest and darkest day in the northern hemisphere, I ponder still that ethereal place in the highest of heights, and the creative territory ahead, landing me again in my wintery thoughts. I feel so calm this morning early as the rain begins again, softly hitting the roof, washing my worries away. So it is with a rain-fulfilled contented sigh that I feel a close of the year, while everything beds down for a nice winter nap. Happy Solstice to Everyone!

6 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

    • Aww Sorcha, we so need relief from the stressful PG&E chaos everywhere! I have been remembering this dream a lot lately, and you’re certainly invited to my little rocky crag of the heavens, to sit and ponder a while. Thank you! xx

  1. Beautiful prose. You’re a very sensitive and talented girl. The pictures speak the words if you listen carefully enough. ❤️

    • Thank you Virginia. You are wonderful to read at all! I often read over and write more as the days follow, for my blog is my story telling I suppose. I just added as it is raining softly right now , how I feel so calm, happy calm and ready for the year to end and enjoying this peaceful quiet time between the solstice and January. I hope you and yours are all snug as bugs in a rug! xx

    • PS. Oh , and maybe it just takes a post-script to you, presently the most industrious of my supporting knitter friends, to mention that the snowy warm rocky crag of the stratosphere dream, is making its way into something of a design ahead. 🙂 xx

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