I am finding that knowledge and skill of knitting increases exponentially as I knit more and more.  In simple truth ~ practice makes perfect.  Yes, but not only that, it takes knowledge to have deeper insights and thereby gaining further knowledge. Such is the learning curve. I’ve recently become quite good at knitting straight stocking stitch while reading, even walking, and so double tasking in itself excites me to the point of nonstop activity. Not good for a fit body, but good for a fit knitting education.  I suppose accomplishing *even more* is a great motivator, and so I’m learning more about knitting while I’m knitting. Poring over my recently purchased *used* book purchases, studying techniques of the great knitters of my knitting world, such as  Elizabeth Zimmerman, Alice Starmore, and others.

As I have been knitting up a storm, actual rainstorms have been frequenting the mountain top. Nearly nonstop for about a week, and so I’ve been getting lots of knitting done, as well as reading about knitting. Of course, nobody can survive on knitting & reading alone, so one must get out and about, so I’ve been out with umbrella with my dog Emma, and we’ve been taking a break from knitting when the rains break.  More importantly, the mind needs to step back into another environment of sensory stimulus of colors, smells, and tactile experience, in order to get perspective.  I do as so many artists have done through the existence of humanity,  I gain ideas about relationship between color and shape from nature.  Simply ‘getting perspective’ is essential part of any creative endeavor !

Out getting perspective, on a nice rainy day walk in March.

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