“Mostly Green” & “Mostly Blue” Pullovers

We met in Calistoga for Our Little Tradition of sweater gifting & photo shoot. This time a seriously awesome feature ~ right next to the Calistoga Coffee Roastery where we usually meet was this amazing alley way, with newly painted murals on each side ! Here my adorable, clever, and theatrical nieces seemed to step into a netherworld of characters and places of long ago. We then always always always get icecream, our tradition for four equinoxes running ! I hope you enjoy the little slideshow of them posing in front of the murals while wearing their sweaters for the first time, each very delighted.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fare thee well  sweaters,  I’m happy to give you to your new happy homes. You were fun to knit, we thought…

12 thoughts on ““Mostly Green” & “Mostly Blue” Pullovers

  1. Nice! They look really happy with them too! The dog looks a bit confused, as if he’s asking if you expect him to take up knitting now, but he/she’s just as beautiful as the sweaters. (sorry, I’m partial to dogs. I hope no one ever makes me choose between fur and wool)

  2. Such a lovely photo shoot – the girls look very pleased with the sweaters and they fit them perfectly. A fine end to a very good project.

  3. I failed miserably in locating the LOVE button. The blues, the greens, the models, the furry, the ice-cream, the locale, the shoot. Everything is just perfect in every way. Well done, Jen 😀

  4. Thanks for such beautiful words of expression, Jen, via your personal email. I’m forever grateful to have met you online…and so look forward to meet you in person someday, in one of my home visit to the Bay Area.

    P.S. I am still so amazed with the blues and greens…I jump up and down 😀 Happy fall, my friend.

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