Stranded & Pin-Striped Fingerless Mitts !

It’s here !

a more colorful ,

perhaps even more complex

sister of the original ” Jenjoyce Pin-Striped Fingerless Mitt ”  . . .

I’ve switched things about a bit, from  the original  ~ she is not quite so long in the wrist, but more conventional length, reversed the pinstripe pattern to show different in the increases at the thumb

. . . and look at her inside-out !

jenjoycedesign©detail  (2)
Here is a close-up of the color work ~ simply understated color stranding concept~ yet serious enough of a Fair-Isle effect, but on a completely  basic scale.   Therefore, I think this mitt & pattern is perfect for one who wants to learn how to do stranded color work , or  loosely termed as ‘Fair Isle’ knitting.

Some photos of them being worn by me (they are too snug in the photo, therefore when I wrote the pattern for these, I added one more 4-stitch repeat) . . .


All in all, I’m extremely happy, at this speedy second variation pattern writing came about, however haphazard and with whatever slight mistakes abound. I’m happy about it. It’s my second pattern, and it’s uploadable for FREE …. right… over HERE  !!!!

(( In case you’re wondering… I only had enough of my over-dyed chartreuse ( ‘bug guts green’ ) to make one prototype mitt, which started as an experiment, and a knit-walking project the other day, but ended up as the official pdf photo ~ so there you go !!  ))

Details  about this project on Ravelry  HERE


I’d also like to thank Morrie & Lizzi for giving me all the  help & support that can possibly be given.

xxx I heart you both ! xxx

15 thoughts on “Stranded & Pin-Striped Fingerless Mitts !

  1. I heart you right back. These are so cute. I love the shorter version too. This is a great place for me to get in touch with color stranding. I understand the concept, but I need a little practice carrying 2 colors at a time, and what? you get to have a rest row with the main color.

  2. I love the original pinstripe mitt pattern & would love to give these a try! The link comes up as 404/Not Found at Ravelry. Is this pattern still available?

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