While I Was Out Walking . . .

. . . I brought my knitting.  You’re not surprised are you?  Well, this was raising the bar a bit on what I can do knitting-while-walking ~ I’ll be the first to admit ~ and I was pretty much only watching where I was walking every other row.  (do not try this !)  What we have here is a variation on the pin-stripey theme for still another pin-striped mitt . . .


10 thoughts on “While I Was Out Walking . . .

    • Hi Jen, no these are just like the size I made for yours… ‘DK weight superwash yarn with size #3 needles. 🙂 Yeah… spun taffy for sure !!! Thanks xx

    • I rather thought so myself ! I *never* would actually wear these colors, yet they are so appealing together, and others with a brighter sense of wardrobe might dare to wear. 🙂

    • Debbie , I am also a Wearer of Black… but still , I love to KNIT COLOR. Crazy. These are just painting with yarn… I only have enough of the ‘bug guts’ green (I overdyed from a light blue with bright yellow) for one mitt. I may just make a bunch in all different colors, in one mitt each, then just toss together next xmas as gifts. 🙂 Thank you for your compliment ! x

    • Thank you Martha ! I am trying, trying very much to learn to write a pattern, which is certainly a good end to the beginning, which is the concept… and keeps my mind focused ! 🙂

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