How About A Cafe Frigetto !

Its my new drink, I call it a ‘Cafe Frigetto’ ! Its espresso, ice, more ice, and real cream (yes, heavy whipping cream, not half&half)… and it’s ~~~~ frigid cold ~~~


Here’s how: In a pint glass filled to the top with ice, pour 2 or 3 shots of fresh brew’d espresso over, stir vigorously until ice stops melting and then more ice to the top. Lastly, a generous amount of heavy cream poured over it all…sinking & swirling down…never quite making it. Nectar !!!

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12 thoughts on “How About A Cafe Frigetto !

  1. Very inviting! I love coffee drinks with cream. Heavy cream for sure. Have you have coconut milk? It’s a nice sub for people who are lactose intolerant.

  2. I was thinking coconut milk too… yum. We’re actually supposed to get some warm weather on the weekend (warm as in 70 degrees – this is the Pacific Northwest!) so maybe we’ll give this a try.

    Last week I discovered a kombucha mojito recipe – very yummy on ice and a good way to drink all the kombucha I’m brewing these days!

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