A Knitting Trail


Emma and I have  been working on our home trail in recent weeks.

 It is to be a knitting trail ! ! !

Our trail begins right next to Jeff’s workshop…

And takes off into the woods, just follow Emma.

It goes upwards very quickly…


It meanders along old deer-trodden paths ,

which Emma and I  have enhanced with our footsteps.

jenjoycedesign©knitting trail in woods

It passes by tall firs,

oaks & bays,

madrones & maples…

jenjoycedesign©knitting trail in the woods2
You will see my short rows of sticks on occasion,

they are trail markers in sections where the knitting trail goes one way,

while the deer may go another…

Emma is charged with purpose as she surveys the forest, and the wildlife.

There is at least one mountain lion which lives in the area, sighted many times, and  I often wonder if it is the lion which she smells.  I think I would like to put some places to sit (and knit) along the way.  Just sit, knit,  and listen to the wildlife.


Some small sections are getting the shovel treatment, like here at the trail-head.

 (Yes, that is our house, and my car, which I try to drive as little as possible)

jenjoycedesign©knitting trail!

So you see, I have been working like an ox lately, for this is the time of year I love most to be outside toiling away, among the falling leaves of Autumn. There’ll be more photos later, as the Knitting Trail is honed to perfection !

* * *

But hey ! Its the last day of October today, and that means it is Halloween!   For the occasion I thought I’d post a photo of something remarkably ominous from the woods!   The raven’s cultural and somewhat spooky  symbolism  is not to be debated, however here they are just a cheerful and welcomed presence, and flock about year round. They make themselves very comfortable, eating the berries in the native trees, and fruit & veggies from our garden, and pick from our compost pile too.  I think they are fascinating birds,  possessing a truly amazing intrigue and even sense of humor (they like to tease Emma every chance they get), and they are the stewards of these woods all the same.  Here is a photo I took last week, zoomed into the branches of an oak while this fellow and his mate were making deep throaty chortling & clucking conversation…

Happy Halloween everyone !

(( Note:  I am delayed with knitting projects due to interruptions life tends to cause. ))

9 thoughts on “A Knitting Trail

    • Thank you Brighid , it is rather reclusive, but no complaints here ! I thought I’d mention that our uphill neighbor is generous with allowing us to cross over with boundaries too. 🙂 Neighbors like that are as good as gold !

    • Thank you Jean ! I shall hope that one day when you visit Napa Valley, that you can come up for an Earl Grey & shortbread picnic knit&walk on my trail !!! 🙂

  1. Hi Jen….your walk looks beautiful…I walk 10klms 2 days a week , but mine is a coastal walk……our little town (Wynyard) has a population of about 2,800….a very quiet a peaceful place….I also play golf 4 days a week …..there is a tulip festival here in Oct…..don’t get much in the way of Halloween, not really something we do in Tasmania…love you posts…bye for now Jane 🙂

  2. I love the knitting trail, and hope to come knit on it with you sometime. Of course, I have not practiced knitting and walking, or moving at all. 🙂 So those little seats here and there would be most helpful.
    Love your Blog, Love you! Happy Fall.

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