Autumn Sweaters 2015 . . . Done & Dusted !

jenjoycedesign©stack of pullovers

Holy cow, this is incredible if I may say so myself, that I’ve got both of my nieces’ Autumn 2015 Sweaters finished, and now waiting for the Equinox photos ~ over three weeks early. And as well,  the (green) prototype!   I feel like I can just put my feet up a little.

jenjoycedesign©Autumn Sweaters 2015

Size 32 in Dusty Grey for Miss Twelve, and size 34 in Ecru for Miss Fifteen.

These are samples of my  Calidez pattern which surfaced earlier in the month.  In fact this is the first time I wrote a pattern and knit a prototype (posted back in this post)  to actually keep while knitting the Equinox Sweaters for my nieces as ‘test-knits’ of that pattern. I tell you, this made it so much easier  to knit up my nieces sweaters, with all the decisions done ahead of time so I didn’t have to get strung out with improvising and mistakes along the way.  Apparently  I’m refining my method!

Now these sweaters will get tucked away for the remainder of the blistering hot last month of summer, and come out to have a stellar photo shoot in Calistoga around the Autumnal Equinox, so watch this space. And now I’m off to make a celebratory cup of coffee to relish a job done & dusted! .

And, for those interested in the technical knitterly stuff . . .

You may notice the two necklines look different and that is because they are ! In fact, I’m in the middle of rewriting the neck section of the pattern for an update, pending on the review it gets from test-knitters about the redesign,  and I’ve opened discussion about it on a forum thread on Ravelry …HERE )

5 thoughts on “Autumn Sweaters 2015 . . . Done & Dusted !

  1. I think this is the first time since I have known you that you have been ahead of yourself with the girls’ sweaters – and you have done a wonderful job as usual. They will love them, as always.

    • Thank you Lizzi. You know , I think the real difference this year is that since the break-up-of-the-music-duo, when afterwards I pumped 24/7 into knitting & design, that naturally I have more focus and awareness of pacing myself, and naturally getting so much more knit! Although, I have to confess, these sweaters knit up in bulky-weight yarn, with about 5 stitches to the whole sweater each… lol… did go extremely fast. I continue along my new budding ‘career’ ( is it a career??? It seems so!) with a sense of confidence now, but also still at times stymied by lack of experience and knowledge (as I want to design a totally seamless in-the-round bottom-up with *set-in* sleeves and grafted shoulder seams, I am feverishly researching … with so much self doubt to battle.) But back to the equinox sweaters for my nieces : Spring was a miss, because of getting married-and-the-stress-of-the-duo-break-up so I had a break there (I did make my nieces some little Tartan & Tweed kindle/iphone bags instead, they were satisfied I didn’t break my rhythm). Well next spring will be easy for now I have this new thing already that I want to prototype and guess what the vernal equinox sweaters will already be in a pattern probably….lol. I am finding a lot of entertainment in the least, and well, looks like I wrote you a letter ! xx

      • I think I meant to add (but forgot) that I feel so lucky to have my nieces to inspire and motivate me and they really appreciate their sweaters, and also now becoming models, which in turn inspires and motivates them as well is a real feather in their caps. 🙂

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