This little pile of wool is what is left of a weekend of fun woolly frolicking!  I have made two felted wool Kinder Bags, for Nora-Who-Is-Four, and her little brother Wee Finn who is already  running about wildly.  I can just see the little guy now, toddling about collectin’ stuff in his wee blue bag. How adorable that should be.

jenjoycedesign©kinder bags

Truth is, these are just the beginning of the second wave of hand-made gifts I’ve made, as the first wave is already gone with the post to far-off lands, as I was in such a rush and didn’t get a chance to photograph.  That’s me, just here,  a delirious maker-of-things … casting on , then off, then on…. forever in a frenzy of gift-making. Will it end? So far there’s no sign of it!

How are you all doing with your hand-made gifts?

6 thoughts on “Making

    • Good for you! I personally am trying to set a record of being finished with all Making by the Solstice ((including he trditional Christmas shirt))

  1. I wasn’t going to knit, and then I started and I’m like you, Jen, knit then off to the PO. Oh, I should take pics of these silk piillows I made for my cousin before I mail them though. She had sent me a Sari and wanted me to make her something from them.

    • Morrie, how splendid is a pillow from a sari! I wish you could post photos in these comments boxes, and show everybody here. 😉 I am halfway through xmas stocking my bro asked me to make (three years in a row, I’m giving in!) it will be Peruvian motifs. I’ll post next.
      Enjoy your Making, and lets have tea in the new year ! xx

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