Christmas Eve

jenjoycedesign© snowman ornament

There is rumor that it will snow  tonight!  I’m watching the skyline over the ridge and it is indeed darkening, and the temperature is dropping. The mystery of Christmas Eve enchants me still, and every year the magic of the tree decorated with old and new  ornaments makes me giddy as a young girl. Merry Christmas everyone!

jenjoycedesign© ornaments


Making (2)


Emma has been so very patient, chillin’ out while I’ve been a Making Maniac.  We haven’t been doing much walking in recent days because I am seriously preoccupied, and besides, it’s been raining a lot lately too. I just want all the gifts made and then I can enjoy myself,  and the sooner the better!  

The latest is something I promised somebody closely related (I won’t say who,  or the surprise may be ruined)  I’ve been working on this stocking for 3 days, totally improvising as I go ~ pretty interesting heel turn huh?


Felted it partially this morning, and here it is, still quite damp.  Well, that is us here, filling the days with cheer of making. It just doesn’t get better than that, and  I hope you’re all having a magical December !





This little pile of wool is what is left of a weekend of fun woolly frolicking!  I have made two felted wool Kinder Bags, for Nora-Who-Is-Four, and her little brother Wee Finn who is already  running about wildly.  I can just see the little guy now, toddling about collectin’ stuff in his wee blue bag. How adorable that should be.

jenjoycedesign©kinder bags

Truth is, these are just the beginning of the second wave of hand-made gifts I’ve made, as the first wave is already gone with the post to far-off lands, as I was in such a rush and didn’t get a chance to photograph.  That’s me, just here,  a delirious maker-of-things … casting on , then off, then on…. forever in a frenzy of gift-making. Will it end? So far there’s no sign of it!

How are you all doing with your hand-made gifts?