Making (2)


Emma has been so very patient, chillin’ out while I’ve been a Making Maniac.  We haven’t been doing much walking in recent days because I am seriously preoccupied, and besides, it’s been raining a lot lately too. I just want all the gifts made and then I can enjoy myself,  and the sooner the better!  

The latest is something I promised somebody closely related (I won’t say who,  or the surprise may be ruined)  I’ve been working on this stocking for 3 days, totally improvising as I go ~ pretty interesting heel turn huh?


Felted it partially this morning, and here it is, still quite damp.  Well, that is us here, filling the days with cheer of making. It just doesn’t get better than that, and  I hope you’re all having a magical December !



8 thoughts on “Making (2)

    • Stefanie, thank you! I did not mean for it to be so big, I was totally improvising with yarns in worsted-weight, and I didn’t measure it. I have since felted it again, and now it is about 16″ in circumference at opening, 16″ inches long, and the foot part is 12″ . Now just right! That said, I must say, I am SO impressed with Brown Sheep’s “Lambs Pride” for felting, it has a little mohair, which I was told by the yarn shop folk, helps the felting process… I didn’t know that. I used Lambs Pride worsted for the greys, and some scraps of Knit Picks Wool Of The Andes for the red, and 2-held-tog of Jamiesons Spindrift “Fern” for the green. 🙂

        • Oh great! Incidentally, as you can probably see, I worked it in the round with a corrugated edge, then at the ankle, worked back -and -forth flat, then grafted the live stitches together. I then picked up sts around the opening of the foot and worked in the round with some simple decreases at the toe. I then picked up the cast-on edge and worked a 4stitch icord bind off. then a 3sts icord loop… and FINI… voila ! 🙂

  1. What a wonderful view from your front porch (if that’s what it is) — Emma, the brown of the manzanita, the gray of the mist — beautiful. I love the stocking AND the rug in front of the door — the greens and the reds, my favorite combination. Kind of wishing to dive into your landscape right now. Thanks for a pretty picture that made me smile.

    • Hello Laine. Those are Madrone trees you see out in the woods, and some long trunks of fir trees too. Thank you for stopping by, and I’m glad you managed a smile from my photos. 🙂 xx

    • Hello Liz, I have since felted the stocking again, now it is just the right size, although very felted and thick, it should hold an armload of rocks!

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