Thank You ~ 2015

jenjoycedesign©Altitude Mitts Lace (square)

Altitude Mitts “Lace”

jenjoycedesign©Altitude Ridges Mitts (square)

Altitude Mitts “Ridges”

jenjoycedesign©Altitude Twists Mitts !

Altitude Mitts “Twists”

jenjoycedesign©Altitude Lace

Altitude Cowl “Lace”

jenjoycedesign©Ridges Cowl

Altitude Cowl “Ridges”

jenjoycedesign©Altitude Cowl

Altitude Cowl “Twists”

Tartan & Tweed Tam

Tartan & Tweed Tam

Tartan & Tweed Mitts

Tartan & Tweed Mitts

jenjoycedesign©Snowmelt Mitts 3

Snowmelt Mitts

jenjoycedesign©Snowmelt Tam 4

Snowmelt Tam & Toque



Una Cosettina Mitts

Una Cosettina Mitts

2015 has been by far the busiest year for me in the three years I’ve been designing and redesigning, while learning to write a better pattern in my opinion. I rather impressed myself at how much I can accomplish when I pace myself  24/7, and I’ve laid it all out to see just what I have done this year. However, I must say that I have decided to abort mission with my recent attempt to design a steeked cardigan for Snowmelt, as hinted to in my last post, for my thumb is acting up and feeling rather sore. A soreness left over from my musical gigging days perhaps, but all this knitting huge amounts of fine yarn has certainly not helped. I refuse to admit I have the ‘a’ word, but its worrying me a lot. I’m drinking ginger tea like crazy, determined to manage my sore thumb. Then of course, with the new year comes a clean slate for new designs, which is encouraging. I am looking forward immensely to this coming year in good health and just want to say….

Happy New Year to everyone!

16 thoughts on “Thank You ~ 2015

    • Chooks…. Happy 2016, and I am really excited to see your business growing, ours will hopefully grow up together, like two little kids in the play yard. 🙂 xx

    • Stefanie, you’ve been a great support, and I wish you the best of New Years yet! My arthritic thumb is getting such a dose of ginger it will cure all! 🙂

    • Lizzi, how about drinking fresh ginger tea with me? I just get a pot on the stove, grate or mince fresh ginger into it (peeled or not) and let it steep, heat as needed, pour through strainer into fancy bone-china mug! 🙂

        • Happy Birthday Lizzi!!!! Ginger wine! Yeah!
          Wanted to say that it is fresh ginger stewed in a pot, rather than packaged dried ginger (flavored) tea. It is so ‘hot’ that it warms me up, also great for that cold empty feeling in one’s tummy. Creates quite a lot of warmth!

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