Plied Seashells

jenjoycedesign© seashells plied
I have plied my seashells yarn singles, aren’t these spools lovely?

jenjoycedesign© seashells plied 2

This is basically a loosely blended micro batch using my blending method I talk about in Blending Recipe 1 – fiber lasagna .

The blending process for the seashells was back in  “The color of seashells” ,   but might be helpful to also see my  notes in  “Spinning Seashells”  .

jenjoycedesign© tweed 4

I am presently busy working on my next blending board experiment, and will post Blending Recipe 2 very soon ~~~  so watch this space!

9 thoughts on “Plied Seashells

    • Terry, you and Sorcha are very much alike… the penchant for seashell collecting , and yes, pink pearls! I will probably stare at the cake o’ seashell yarn and eventually make a pair of mitts.

      • It’s only my opinion, of course (though Sorcha might well agree), but I think that yarn is too special to be mere mitts. I vote for a cowl to frame your face. How about your very own Altitude Cowl?

        • In these blending experiments I am making only enough yarn just to fill a bobbin (or two 5/8’s bobbins in this case) and micro batches could make maybe enough yarn for small fingerless mitts, or a very narrow cowl. We’ll see!

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