Tweed Chronicles: The color of sea grass.


I am deep into the study of color saturated neutrals.

jenjoycedesign© rolags 4

What is a color saturated neutral? Well, when I blend equal amounts of the primary colors together, the affect is at first glance, a seemingly dull clay color ,  as I posted previously about HERE.

In this experiment I added to the primary triad mix, one secondary color – green,    integrating all of the colors on the blending board with this technique ,  bringing the whole color balance leaning a little bit toward the green … a weathered sea grass green.

jenjoycedesign© primaries + green

primary colors + 1 secondary (green)

jenjoycedesign© first batt

first blended batt

jenjoycedesign© second batt

second blended batt

I then added some un-dyed natural white to give it some texture and depth.

jenjoycedesign© third batt + white

third blended batt, adding white

Colorway reminds me of the pampas grasses which grow along the Pacific coast.

jenjoycedesign© 004

While enjoying some spinning on my Ashford Traditional wheel (( a resonating gratitude to  “L” who wishes not to be mentioned ))   I have decided that perhaps Tweed Chronicles is a new love which causes only happiness …

jenjoycedesign© spun 3

And the studying of color is making me look deeper into the surface,  and imagine how the colors are found the same way in nature.

Next I am pairing primaries with secondaries, and finding super color saturation in what is an alarmingly gorgeous & complex neutral. Watch this space!

♣     ♣     ♣

Techy stuff …

  •  5g each of (near primary) red, yellow, and blue — plus green,  merino roving = 20g.
  • Layered very thinly one color at a time, alternately.  using this technique: Blending for tweed simplified
  • Lifted batt, layered again, total of three times. Lifted bat, and sectioned into strips of about 3.
  • With 15g white cormo roving, divided into 3 sections.
  • Layered very thinly white, then color blend, alternately.
  • Lifted batt, and layered again, loosely.
  • Drew off rolags.
  • I’m naming this colorway blend ” Pacific Coast Grass ” .
  • See ALL color blending experiments & recipes archived in Tweed Chronicles


15 thoughts on “Tweed Chronicles: The color of sea grass.

      • Honestly Kelly, I really don’t know where I am. I go up to the house, ground zero as I call it, and it is so inhospitable I can’t stay, yet it is still home to me. Here in this holding place, traffic rushes by fast all day long… not exactly a peaceful quiet place. I am neither here nor there, but if I seem back in the spirit of creativity, well then, hugs to you and all! xx

  1. Blurry brained today, and nearly every day. I cast on for something last night, some lace cowl thing, and today I put it in a knitting shoulder satchel and took it with me, was going to go up to the mountain, visit ground zero, then knit-walk. However, no knit-walking got done as I proceeded to misplace it either in the garden up on the mountain. I guess I got distracted when I went down into the garden to cover some potato plants, and well, I must have put my knitting bag down there. That my friends, was as close to knitting as I’ve been for nearly two months now. Separated from knitting bag, feeling frustration .

    • I think I’ll ball up some of the Miss Babs Northumbrian I was sent very recently in “Beach Glass” and get started a.s.a.p on another lace cowl. (( winks for Miss Tadpole ))

  2. it amazes me that those bright colors come out so soft and muted! As a novice spinner I am quite amazed at how colors can change and blend in the process. I enjoy spinning colors I would never dream of working with otherwise.

    • Stay tuned, and follow my experiments in color, I hope you try my recipes down at the bottom of the Tweed Chronicle posts. Next will be 3 primaries and 3 secondaries all mixed equally together, totally neutralizing, its total magic!

      • I will provide a better Colorway Recipe system to link to in future, realizing now that is important for the community of tweed-making spinners in the world.

      • I haven’t gotten a blending board yet, but I am watching with interest – and wondering how it would come out if I just did it with drafting? So much to experiment with!

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