Sweet Sixteen and a new pattern!


jenjoycedesign© Hillwalker3

A little sooner than I expected,

but I am posting the first of a two-part pattern.

First part, the pullover…

and my younger niece who is now Sweet Sixteen!

jenjoycedesign© Hillwalker2.JPG

Miss Sixteen’s birthday pullover  in the new pattern Hillwalker.

We photographed in Calistoga yesterday …

jenjoycedesign© Hillwalker5

(( I love Miss Sixteen’s new hair cut! Don’t you? ))


Oh, and look who is now driving!

jenjoycedesign© miss-sixteen-driving.JPG

Driving off from the back lot of the roastery!

A stellar time with my niece and her mom at the Roastery on Sunday, with a quick photo shoot.  I am needing a little extra time to get the cardigan ready , so that will be part two, very soon. But for now, please go check out the new Hillwalker pattern live on Ravelry

16 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen and a new pattern!

  1. Good morning, from the hills in the mid of Germany, totally surprised by a new sweater pattern, matching so well the landscape here ( visiting my nephew, who is ranger here now)
    …… but Nina looks gorgeous! I love her new haircut!
    The sweater is so simple, basic and unisex! congratulations Jen! I guess, your nieces will love them…… nosy about the forthcoming cardigan… see you on the other side, at ravelry!

    • Thank you Petra! I am so glad you are joining in the promotion, and so glad that maybe your Ranger Nephew might be able to wear a sweater knit by you and modeled by my niece! Oh, the cardigan will be called ‘ “After-thought” Cardigan’ for it is basically edited from the pullover, crazy work I went through making it for knitting in-the-round AND flat. Its almost finished, I just need to rework the button band (too big! )
      ((ps. Oh I think I hear construction workers coming up the road, I’m so excited!!!)) ~xx

  2. Such wonderful sweater and the most beautiful model ever. This design must be knitted for my granddaughter Matilda after I have finished knitting her mother’s. I love the seemingly simple design with those smart details typical of you, Jen!!❤️

    • Oh Yvonne, thank you so much for your cheerful encouragement! Please go see the group, I’m having a quick give-away, and would love it if you could join in! I plan on doing a bunch of these sweaters, they are so fun!

    • Sorcha, yes, she loved it, and she’s going to do great modeling new designs. I am really looking forward to future photo shoots & mochas at the Roastery with her! xx

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