A lace cowl, and sanding beams.

jenjoycedesign© Golden Fields Cowl 2 (2) - Copy.JPG

Hi, its me Abelene. 

I am wearing Jen’s latest knit of a beautiful cowl she knit from Golden Fields Lace pattern.  Some lucky lady is going to find this under the tree.  It is made from  Cascade 220 Sport,  in my favorite color of light grey!


Jen says you can knit one for gifts for all the women & dress forms in your life, so be a pal and go find some yarn and needles and cast on!   Jen will really appreciate it,  because she’s really laid low, struck from the plague & on a short course of strong antibiotics. Actually she has gotten a nasty sinus & upper respiratory infection due to sanding beams last weekend if you can believe it!

It is this beautiful sun-bathed north-facing alcove that has put her down for a stretch…

jenjoycedesign© west-north (1).JPG

No more sanding for Jen!

She is happily dreaming of the months ahead when the house might be closer to finished, but for now Jen wants me to say that she hopes you all are enjoying the beautiful  Solstice time of year when things up here the Northern Hemisphere are at their most dormant stage. Nothing but dutiful resolutions to come in months ahead, so cozy up in  these dark shortest days of the year while you can.

Ta ta ,


8 thoughts on “A lace cowl, and sanding beams.

  1. Abelene your cowl is gorgeous. Tell Jen that we are thinking of her and are sending lots of healing thoughts her way.

    Rest up Jen and no more sanding. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    • Hi Wen, thank you! Abelene already back in her shed. We’re doing okay, just rather drugged out from antibiotic. NO MORE SANDING, a gift of gifts! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. The cowl looks so beautiful in that weight. Abelene models it with her inimitable style and panache.
    Meanwhile, you have been struck down with the plague!!!
    This is terrible and certainly a warning to stay away from sawdust and stick to knitting.
    Here in the South that days now begin to shorten but we have the hottest part of the year ahead of us.
    I hope to continue to knit like a demon so I can be ready to remember the golden fields of summer.
    Get well!

    • Karin , I just can’t get use to the idea that you have your Golden Fields forthcoming, as ours are leaving, turning brown and bending in the moist rain. Doppler grass fields!!!! xx

  3. Such a beautiful job on that cowl. Absolutely lush. It still makes my heart sing to see all the familiar bones of your home rising from the ashes. Rest up Sweet Pea! Lots of west and wewaxation. xoxoxoxo

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