16 thoughts on “One and a half days…

    • Danke Petra-chen-chen. I hope that now you can relax, and just let yourself expand with all the happiness you deserve. Happiest & deepest of gratitudes to you , xoxo Merry Christmas!

  1. Super gorgeous!
    Irish Cream? You must be feeling better.
    There are worse medicines than whisky/brandy for sinus/ head and upper-respiratory.
    All those volatiles!
    Have fun.
    Merry Christmas.

    • I haven’t found the Irish Cream yet, and when I do I hope to become volatile indeed! . (( oh but just a half shot of Irish Cream will do.)) Sending off happy wishes of summery Christmas sentiments to you! xx

    • I’ve been napping nearly round the clock, love it up there in the nap nest of the tiny house! Yeah, he’s got a huge pile of these, dating back to the late 80’s I believe. He calls them his ” hair ” , as you know, he is bald, lol.

    • Sarah, this is KnitPicks Swish DK, some overdyed. I had a bunch I bought when I was designing Camino Inca, so it was in my stash. Odd that I would even have a stash now, and yet I am glad I can just find yarns, overdye or unply, to make many uses. xx

        • Oh, that is Jaquard Acid dye, ” gold ” overdyed from Knit Picks Dove Heather! I love, love, love overdying different shades of grey. You can take a light, med, and dark shades of heathered greys and put them all together into one clear color of dye , and they’ll all be beautifully homogenous yet heathered as the grey base. Love that.

  2. Blessings of the yuletide upon your house, dear Jen. Love the sun on the chullo. So appropriate as the post solstice brings more of it into our lives each day.

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