new lace beginnings 2

jenjoycedesign© new lace thing 4.JPG

It is raining, how heavenly, and my most recent Unspun experiment,  posted about here, is snailing along very slowly.   Nupps are so cool, but so difficult, taking real skill and concentration , not to speak of excellent light and magnification!

jenjoycedesign© new lace thing 3.JPG

In previous out gathering lace post you may have not caught it, but I am doing the breadcrumbs thing where I begin to hint of something coming. It will be long coming, a ways down the trail (a long, long meandering, as the lace is taking forever), the theme being woods, music, variations, lace, only vaguely related.   Its far too abstract at the moment, but do expect some puzzling crumb hunting, as I’m having some fun with this veils theme. I have decided that I love to ‘play’ on my blog this way, as I did with the whole Fishy thing the summer before last. I love discovering side trails, merry chase always on the verge of confusion, but then we arrive at destination eventually.

For now I am immensely enjoying this wet weekend with tea & lace knitting.

Oh, and my cough is slowly improving!

jenjoycedesign© rain.JPG

5 thoughts on “new lace beginnings 2

    • Wendy, hellllloooo! I hope you will consider some nupps on your needles (hint hint) I am ready with the pattern sketch whenever you feel up to it. I am so happy to read your comment (although I edited in just after you commented, how my cough seems to be improving, even though slowly.), and I think I’m due for some catch-up writing! xx

  1. I’m loving your latest Cowl. Nupps, or ‘wee bobbles’ as I call them make the air blue in my house though. I’m forever dropping stitches. Spend more time picking up and reknitting! Hope you are feeling better. X

    • Kelly, thanks! As I know it, bobbles are worked in one row, whereas nupps are worked over two. Is this how you mean? Yeah, they’re tough little buggers. And I am feeling a bit better, not entirely, but I can expect to make good progress with the knitting at least, while Jeff is staining beams. 🙂 xx

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