i love autumn

Just past the colorwork yoke of yet another Sol Inca sweater. This one will be the second Autumn Sweater for nieces, then they’ll be completed and will wait patiently for some day in December. Without the usual gift knitting this year, I believe I will sail on through the holiday weeks ahead without a single distraction, and sink my teeth further into two new ideas. Beyond that I am not certain, but am entertaining the thought of more tweed chronicle experiments, foraging for dye pots, and happily continuing on in my reclusive ways.

I am beyond super pleased at the election results and can imagine there will be a lot of good changes in the new year, which eases my complicated mental state, and calms me like a balm. And along my walks recently, I am reminded of the contentment I so often find in nature, out in Autumn, and soon just may find myself in an uproariously good mood. Oh, and not having much to speak of in the way of rain yet, yesterday we had a random heavy hail storm which burst into the day, downpoured for fifteen minutes, then left in a hurry. I love Autumn!

12 thoughts on “i love autumn

    • The leaves here are just starting to flutter down , as of the last of October. First the Big Leaf Maple, then the Black Oaks….
      Enjoy your Autumn Gretchen! xx

  1. Yay! I’m so happy you’re feeling good. I am as well after the election outcome. I look forward to seeing your new designs but I MUST get Christmas gifts off my needles before attempting to start anything new. We’re still having summer here in PA…high of 74 today. Fortunately our yard is a mixture of colors: bright red maples, yellow maples, orange/bronze meta sequoia’s, golden eastern larch, brilliant green ivy, purple, red, and orange berries and a mix of zinnias. Autumn is a good thing!

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