Throwing the stitches . . .

Gauge figured after cutting the steek of a two repeat colorwork & shaped test swatch, and I started on the body, with a little floral border, so sweet. Many days of knitting undyed natural main color body and sleeves, and then the colorwork yoke, which will be finished in a blink I’m confident. I’m way ahead of deadline here, not that there is really even a deadline, just that my youngest niece would love to model it before she goes back to university this late summer. Thinking it may be a cardigan and after-thought pullover in a style I have not to date managed to design, a thing which is very feminine. The cardigan will be slightly cropped for skirts, possibly contrast edging, possibly Dorset buttons, maybe, or maybe not, but I just feel like pulling out all the stops on this one. The pullover version I will create much more played down, and the whole affect will be kind of like two sisters who are very different from each other. But for now its just a glimpse of a floral idea as I swim in bodies of wool in the scorching California heat, as the mercury rises and the days near to the summer solstice!

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11 thoughts on “Throwing the stitches . . .

  1. So pretty and girlie girl. Good luck with your deadline and the heat/wool combo. I’ve done a couple of steek vests and I really like the process. I look forward to seeing your beautiful girl in her soon to come sweater.

    • Thank you Virginia, the symbolism of this design will all come to the surface soon, not so much about the feminine, but the namesake . . . stay tuned. Besides, I will make the after-thought pullover just a jplayed down with jeans thing, like my nieces are, perhaps the best version! xx

  2. Me too! I love your palette as well. You’ve done such a beautiful job of fading the colors out. Of course, I don’t have a clue how you do that. She’s going to look adorable in both pullover and cardigan! I’m picturing a classic white oxford shirt, sweet skirt, her hair up, with an arm full of books.

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