buttons, etc.

Sewing buttons and labels on finally . . . the cardigan is completely dry . . . oh joy of joys ! Do you think these are the right ones? I had to cut them off one of my shirts as I desperately needed 1″ shell buttons, they are lovely and seem just right. Also I went out to the garden devastated by last week’s 106F heat wave, but there were some roses, so I cut them and put them in jars and into the fridge. Frayed and dwarfed by our mountain climate, not sure if they will do, but I really don’t want to make a trip into town for a bouquet of roses to photograph. Shall I make do?

6 thoughts on “buttons, etc.

    • Well, I sewed the buttons and label on , but um… after taking about 30 shots, I realized the motifs were not aligned in the yoke, because I sewed on the buttons unaware of my stupidity ! Now it will have to wait for the morning light and a little repositioning buttons. I’m exhausted and I haven’t even gotten my walk in. xx

      • Jeez! Now that sounds like a true “I need vacation” problem. Take the pooch for a brisk walk in the woods and then book a plane ticket to some place quiet and restful. Stay there for a week or two then return to your quiet, restful mountain top and start the next project. 😵‍💫🤣

        • I will take Juno out for a new life of renewed walks in the woods, starting tomorrow! For now, there is no time, but to clean up a little around here and make some tacos for dinner. In the last two hours I have done the button surgery (what a pain!!!) and took a few photos (needs my nieces but that is not possible yet) then finished up all the necessary pattern edits, and all ready for an early morning pattern upload to Ravelry, so excited! xx

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