A Walk Among Wildflowers

Red clover in full blossom, is just so beautiful!

Into the vineyard, and into the back meadow along the canyon edge, passing lovely lupine …

And lush yellow blossoms along meadow trail …

many random tiny flowers …

purple brodea …

The meadow filled with flowers !

Along the vineyard rows, poppies.

Top leaf is right on top of San Francisco in the distance.

Beautiful pink Indian Paint Brush flowers along the top row .

Now leaving the little field of many flowers …

… and back home.

3 thoughts on “A Walk Among Wildflowers

  1. Wow, I need to update the vest progress, as I ripped back to the first border, and did the pattern differently. I will flag you down as soon as I post it anew, maybe tomorrow ! I figured , since the red is a nice bright ‘flash’ (or in quilt terms ” sparkle ” ) that the equivelent in a tone-down reddish/terracotta color them, a mossy green would sparkle nicely. The kilt hose, yes, I haven’t even knit socks, and I’m attempting the “John Anderson’s Kilt Hose” pattern on ravelry. I’m rather bogged down finding the right gauge yarn/needles to achieve a nice *sturdy* hose. I will be posting my progress about the kilt hose soon. Great meeting you !

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