Am I Kidding Myself?

This is just what I asked myself when I was finished spinning up this Suri Alpaca ,  as I ended up with only about three-quarters of a bobbin full when all plied.  What a gross miscalculation.  You see, I only used half of what I had stashed of roving, ready to be spun up in this post here , thinking that would be well enough for a nice fat skein. I was kidding myself !  All that dying , all that spinning,  all that fuss… for a wee 180 yd skein of very purple, and very fine weight of alpaca.

 So, here it is.  Cute . Spirited.  Very purple indeed.

I panicked. I thought, how can I give a very special knitter a very special gift of such a small single skein of 180 yards?  I thought , well, maybe quick get something to accompany it, um, like one of those “One Skein Wonder” books. Yeah! Well, so I just ordered one last night, and with expedited shipping, thinking I’d have the whole thing to bundle up and send off by the end of the week. Great ! My “What was I thinking?” situation solved nicely.

*   *   *

So now that I’m waiting for the book to arrive, my thoughts drift.  They become “ I really could spin up some of that odd left-over tussah silk roving I have stashed. ”  Except that Nora’s Mom asked for purple, and there’s no denying , this silk roving was dyed roses and maroon. I dyed it myself a few years ago. (It’s the very same silk which I spun, in fact, and is featured in the banner of this blog.)   Well, I happen to have a box load of dyes, and I ended up overdyeing an already dyed bunch of roving. Adding separately and blended, navy and crimson, I managed to get a nice deep purply wine… really needed a lot of rinsing though. Though not quite purple, more cabernet, I think it will accompany the alpaca well, and what could be better than a nice book and a skein of yarn?  Two skeins of yarn !  I dyed, dried, and then  set into spinning like wildfire.

Ready for a good washing and rinsing, here she is, just wound off of the bobbin.

And as I talked about in Yarn Candy , searching for just the right lighting to show the color.

Sometimes it’s the whole of the sum of several photos

which grasps the trueness of tones

 and hues.

*   *   *

~  Edited In  ~

All ready to go ;  234 yards of tussah silk , 180 yards of suri alpaca, and one book .

Off to New York !

9 thoughts on “Am I Kidding Myself?

  1. Jen you’re spun work here is a delight to the eye. I am in awe of all that I see. The silk is an exceptionally beautiful yarn and the colours you created remind me of the flowering heather in the Scottish Highlands. It’s an inspirational example of spinning. I hope it won’t be very long before you reward those of us who admire this aspect of your talents with further examples of your work. Thank you for sharing. C.S

    • Well Hello Mr C.S.! Nice of you to finally stop by. Thank you very much for your kind praise. I’d love more than anything to see the blooming heather. Some day !

  2. Wow that seems like the best gift ever! I am sure she will be more than trilled. What knitter wouldn’t with custom handdyed/handspun silk and Alpaca? Drool.

  3. I am totally clueless that you are quite a spinner and indie-dyer! What a lovely package of LOVE. If I were the lucky recipient, I would fall off my chair when I open the package. Great job in putting it altogether 😀 Will there be more spinning treats in the future, I wonder…

  4. Hi Jen, I found Yarnings, and love the purple! Spinning is lovely, and its such a nice gift you’ve thought of. I hope to sping some more soon, on my spindles. Been enjoying the great outdoors lately, but your spinning has inspired me again!

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