Pretty Little Things


A nice pretty little pair of socks I’ve been working on here and there while knit-walking the mountain.  Pretty Little Things were so much fun to make !  I managed to make a knitted hemmed folded cuff, nearly three inches wide, lined, knitted back into the work, added a darling picot edge, and one tiny wee peerie to make it just pretty enough !



Did I say pretty?  I might add plain, basic, sturdy, utilitarian, old-fashioned looking, and as sleek as porpoises because there’s no ribbing.  Oh, and they are very, very warm !


The ‘legs’ are two layers thick of stockinette stitch, lined, so they actually hug my ankles snugly.

My little feet feel so pretty and are very happy indeed to have their first socks knitted custom, just for them !

I used stash yarn of fine fingering 75% Superwash Merino/ 25% nylon sock yarn, with US#0 (2mm) needles, and the fabric is thick & dense, though very soft.  I am sure they will wear very well.  Anyway,  I think they are different, and I’m quite taken with them !

You can bet on a pattern for these popping up here sometime soon , so hang around !

16 thoughts on “Pretty Little Things

  1. I am a great fan of a turned in hem. It gives knitted fabric a bit of depth and weight just where you want it. I also like to use it instead of a rib sometimes. I like your choice and use of colour, too. Nicely placed and ‘less is more’.

  2. I agree, just like a bunny! I love the cute socks. I wonder how you design so easily? You just have a natural knack for designing and knitting!

    • Martha, you are so supportive, you’re the best ! Though I am not new to ‘making things up for myself” , which is essentially designing I guess, I am new to writing, and thinking about it technically… so that , as everything, is only as good as the practice one puts into it. 🙂

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