June Into July

jenjoycedesign© pink.JPGChecking in from the hermitage. I’ve been knitting up a pile of rectangular shaped things, in various sizes, in pink and in grey, for what at first was to be one prototype turned out to be many,  although I am in the last stretch.  These have admittedly completely consumed my time but there is the possibility that this forthcoming ensemble will be one of my favorite designs to date, so well worth it. Let the hours and yarn and heat exhaust me to sweet slumber every night.

Here is a sneak peek of one of them pinned and drying …

jenjoycedesign© sneak peek 2.JPG
Meanwhile Emma and I have done very little walking, for the hot summer days have put us both into a trance, for me the memorable events being turning of rows from right side to wrong side and back again.  I am all over that fresh brewed cup of French Roast and I’m throwing stitches in a caffeine induced frenzy.

♣ ♣ ♣

Incidentally, another past-time of mine while knitting the lace shawls, is perusing old films on youtube about tweed-making, and here is one I discovered,  hope you enjoy it…

13 thoughts on “June Into July

    • Yes it is! Among all the yarns and knitting books too!
      Incidentally, I just posted three very old short films I think you might enjoy, as I’ve been watching lots of tweed-making videos on YouTube while I knit.

  1. Wonderful! Books and yarn and you and Emma…
    Have you been dreaming of walkin’ the Tweed, and singing along, too?

    • Oh yes, I’ve been watching youtube videos of tweed-making , I’ll admit that the waulking does look fun! Maybe in forthcoming months I’ll get back into my spinning projects.

  2. Jen your grey “thing” looks lovely. Your guest/knitting room looks so warm and cozy with all the beautiful items in it. Did you make the pretty quilt and the quilt block behind the chair?

    Thank you for posting the wonderful videos. I have enjoyed the videos and have watched the first one and half of the second one and will watch some more a bit later today.

    • No , I made neither the quilt on the bed ,nor the quilt block (the block was made by my sister in law incidentally, mother of my nieces). So glad you are enjoying those old films, I am watching the first one over and over, I especially love the waulking scene!

    • And Wendy, I can’t thank you enough for knitting your ” Teal Thing ” 😉
      I am still knitting, but fortunately you are all finished. xx

  3. Chooks! I can’t wait to see what your finished design will be like. I’ll watch that first video about the outer hebrides in a bit. My Granny was from Stornoway so that kind of thing interests me. I’m glued to watching Wimbledon just now. I love Andy Murray – he’s my secret crush but keep that to yourself! 😉 xxx

    • Thank you Kelly, I am having a bit of obsessive fun with the new design, while the heat is storming through ~~~ 95F up here on the mountain, and likely over 100F in the alley. Oh wow Kelly, your gran was from Lewis! Go Andy!

  4. Thank you so much Jen, for giving such peaceful impressions and beautiful sneak view!
    Best and hearty wishes xoxo to you, it would be so much better to be at yours, than to be here in Hamburg,during these “G20” days! Please watch the news, what this political meeting made out of our lovely city!
    Nobody whos living here, wanted this event, and nobody wanted this distruction and violence!
    In this mood, I was so happy, to watch your little videos and wondering what forthcoming beauties Wen and you are preparing !
    Happy weekend !

    • Petra, so glad you could peek in and get a little calm viewing of the videos.
      Yes, I am listening to NPR political news, and paying close attention to the G20 event! Upheaval right, left and center, what days these are!

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