casting on…

jenjoycedesign© big yarn

News is that Emma is on the mend from her surgery earlier this week. She got a bit of a tune-up at the vet while she was under anesthetic to remove a growth on her front leg, and before she woke up the vet did a quick dental, and trimmed her nails too.  Five more days of antibiotics,  nearly a week of the pain-reliever anti-inflammatory (which I may continue with, for her arthritis), and about ten more days of the annoying cone, then its back to normal. More news is that we are dealing with a bit of a mouse invasion and trying to get them ‘out’ is no easy task.

Another finished Whorl’d Piece …

jenjoycedesign© Whorl'd Piece in Inca Tweed

Its on to the next big thing, casting on for Autumn Sweaters for my nieces, in the above balls of yarn is  Berocco super-bulky yarn named “Peruvia Quick”.  The light blue will be a Calidez Cardigan for Miss Seventeen, and dark blue a Calidez Pullover for Miss Fourteen.  So that is that.

I am embracing the waning summer days, getting through the epic bone-dry season of often smoke-hazed blue sky, while fantasizing a verdant grey-skies wet summer climate elsewhere on the planet, like this…


Wishing everybody a wonderful last week(s) of summer vacation before going back to the school year routine ~ xx

3 thoughts on “casting on…

  1. I am glad to hear that Emma is recovering from her surgery.

    The sweater and cardigan for your nieces will be lovely in the blue yarns. I like the colour of your latest Whorl’d Piece Cowl.

    I love the photo, it looks very peaceful there.

    • Hi Wen. Um, well, the yarn is just too big, and really too scratchy. Harrrumph! I have decided to not use the yarn. I am in a perplexing dilemma for I don’t know if I can return the un-balled skeins. We’ll see what happens.
      That Whorl’d Cowl is the same yarn as was prototyped for Calidez Cardigan, the ball I had left over. Trying not to buy more yarn , trying to use up what I have before getting more.

  2. Oh dear, sorry about the yarn not working out for the sweaters. I hear you about trying to use up the yarn stash before buying more. My stash is mostly small amounts of one or two balls or skeins in the same yarn and colour.

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