Knitting Linen


I woke this morning with a vivid realization that a new experience awaits,  blossomed from an epic love relationship of linen.  As I ponder this, it would just have to be, as my love of knitting, and the fact that living in a climate where dryness and heat are a way of life half of the year, and well, even when it is cool and damp, I love to wear linen.

Since posting about this yarn ages ago,  originally I was intending it to be a lace thing, but I let it hibernate so long that it now wants to be something else. I think. Maybe. I am ambivalently thinking about making it into an actual shirt. I really don’t want to call it a ‘sweater’ as that evokes cold weather & sheepy cozy wooliness, which this is most definitely not. It will be a highly breathy creature, billowing in the breeze hanging dry on the clothes line after being washed in the washer with a load of jeans . . . something one could not dream of doing to wool . . . something one could toss on and wear into the town on a balmy day.

Flower of flaxOh, but first, it is understood that knitted linen fabric is nothing like woven linen fabric, and as I am a knitter, and not a weaver, the obvious task at hand is to master the fiber with knitting needles, wrestling it into submission as the flax was to make the linen strands. Interestingly, linen made from flax, a vegan sustainable resource which is in itself a hardy most beautiful plant.   Just look at it’s pure light blue delicate flower !  How can something so delicate come from a plant that is so incredibly strong and tough and enduring?   I love the metaphor of the delicate and enduring hardiness all in one , I really identify.

6 thoughts on “Knitting Linen

  1. I will be excited to see how this turns out. I have some linen yarn in a sport weight and I seem to be stuck for an idea on how to use it.

    • Carol, well, it seems I edited the post , taming it down a bit , because I realized casting on for a new very complicated risky project while I’m still in the midst of designing something else, and knitting Eldest Nieces Autumn Sweater. . . alas, but I can be inspired and thoughtful about the linen at least. 🙂

    • Hi Morrie! Did I see this one, the Quince & Co yarn in lavender or blue? I just replied to another comment before yours, that I realized the folly of casting on with the Linen Shirt idea while in the midst of designing something for Kids, and also knitting Nieces Autumn Sweaters. So it seems I have wound the ball back up and will continue to be in thought about it. 🙂

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