Three Days


One of my weird kitchen concoctions ~~ hot pepper chocolate.

I have been home alone on the mountain with Emma and The Ravens for four days now.  Jeff is returning tonight,  from Mexico where he has been visiting with his daughter in Cancun since the nineteenth, visiting ancient Mayan ruins and enjoying a lovely warm beach.  Here, I’ve been very busy with holding the fort, and working on this lacey thing . . .


But really what I’ve been working hard on while alone in the house, is my traditional gift of Christmas to Jeff, but I dare not show you a thing until Christmas morning. In the mean time, still serving up my Spiced Chocolate drink if you’d like to stop by ~~I’ll whip one up for you !  If you can’t make it over, I understand, but you’ll have to try this at home ! Here’s how :

 Jen’s Spicy Bittersweet Chocolate 

(For two servings)

With a mortar & pestle, crunch up a couple of cinnamon sticks, and dried chile flakes or a whole small chile pepper  ~~ to taste, what you consider ‘barely hot’ , or ‘really hot’, it is up to you.

(( Optional:  a few cardamom pods, and a  ‘petal’ from a star anise pod, a dash of grey sea salt ))

Simmer in a pan with  about 3 cups of water for about 20 minutes, take off heat and melt into it a few ounces bittersweet chocolate, whisking while it melts.

More chocolate is nice… as much as you feel to balance against the heat of the peppers.  I don’t add more sugar, as the idea is to be bittersweet and spicy hot… which is really delicious. However, nobody is stopping you from sweetening it up :).

Whip up a small bowl of cream, again, barely sweetened.

Strain through sieve into cups and pile on the whipped cream , sprinkle with something… like nutmeg or cinnamon… and enjoy !

Wishing You All and Yours lovely days of these fresh first winter days (or summer) and Happy Christmas sentiments.

11 thoughts on “Three Days

    • Hello Carol… going to try the pepper chocolate ? 🙂
      I think I might take more photos of … yarn…. and make them banners. Having a bit of fun with yarn , after all , is what it’s all about ! xxx

  1. Hi chookie!
    That hot chocolate looks amazing! I’m intrigued at the lace item you are making. Looking forward to seeing what that is. If I don’t speak to you before Christmas, have a fabulous time!
    Lots of love from me and Cuilean to you and Emma. X

    • Hello Sweet Girl ! I will SO write you before Christmas, as when I’m done with all of this MAKING, I plan to sit down and write to all of my friends.:)
      ps. Your gift to me is under the tree, and I just can’t wait to open it up ! XXX

    • Marmelade bread ??? Sounds so familiar to what you had made before (but which Roger found and devour’d) … I so want to know how to make marmelade bread. Will you post a recipe on your blog Lizzi? 🙂 xxx

  2. Well I must come over to you next Christmas, hot chocolate looks absolutely amazing. Happy New Year Jen and thanks for your friendship and lovely posts – have a sparkling 2014! xox

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