Six Days


Taking a break from the yarns,  and before I get into the next big project, I thought I’d make a batch of cranberry jam !  The mountain’s freeze-drying wind is keeping me from walking today, and so here I am, with cheery sing-along Christmas songs , a fire in the woodstove,  and more still to make.

 Just feeling rather cheer’d by the seasonal dazzle of colored lights and sentimental old ornaments.  Some are very old, as this doll’s doll that was my mother’s as a child, which I made into an ‘ornament’ years ago,  and the little sheep given to me by a friend back when I just started learning to spin and got a spinning wheel  . . .

And the little ‘teazle mouse’ given along with a really generous gift certificate to a lovely spinning shop, now two decades ago (does anybody remember the one in Jack London Square in Sonoma??)  I remember I only got to spend a little of it before the shop sadly went out of business.

I’ll be making some peppery spiced cocoa a little later today so do hang around !

16 thoughts on “Six Days

    • Sweet Kelly Chookie, I have just put your gift to me under the tree, and now I’m just enjoying this magical time. Please come have some spiced cocoa and we can knit by the fire. xx 🙂

    • Hi Katarina ! Hey, you know what the deal is with cranberries, they’re really good for you. Well, since seasonally they are in bags at the store, and not really that expensive, I bought a couple of bags, and made sauce (just a little tiny bit of sugar, some stevia and water) and thought, heck, cranberries are great for winter preserve making ! How about trying yourself? 🙂 xx

    • Brighid… I made a bunch of the ‘spiced water’ yesterday to add to the cocoa over the next weeks. What I do is almost exactly the same as for Indian chai, but I also add pepper flakes. … Well, I suppose I’ll add my recipe next post. 🙂 xx

  1. Tree looks wonderful Jen, so good to collect bits and pieces that mean something . I still have the fairy from my childhood and I love the fact that she was from Woolworths and has articulated arms.

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