In the dappled sunlight . . .

A little film we shot after we photographed Solo Sweater Success last week at the castle. The film is a little rough around the edges, and a bit too dark, but my niece is completely natural, totally unpretentious, and of course, so artful. I guess just like our photo shoots usually are. Enjoy our first little film! In order of appearance, she models . . .

Sol Inca cardigan,  Sol Inca pullover,   Calidez vest,  Fisher Vest with Aria Stole.

12 thoughts on “In the dappled sunlight . . .

    • Wendy thank you! I am thinking of you and B. and hoping things are at the very least bearable. I carried off a give-away for the Fisher Vest, everything is already done & dusted, and now I can relax!
      Sending hugs, xx!

    • Hey, hi! So I knew you’d approve. Gotta keep it way out of the mainstream, nothing like writing a novel with skinny font that can barely be read, against the stone in dim light, and a lovely young woman cat walking back and forth in sumptuous knitteds, eh?

  1. G O R G E O U S!

    I love it so much! Nina, knitwear, Music, the background and the late-summer-sun-light-play are all just perfect with each other!
    (Jen, with this experience, you are one step closer to a video podcast…..!?!)

    xoxo Petra

    • Petra-chen, I don’t envision a podcast, or being under the thumb of any pressure like that, but …. just maybe … an occasional artful “film” (to be a completely separate idea from a podcast) embedded on my blog only. I must explain; this little film rather created itself, because I couldn’t figure out how to trim the long bits of footage in-between my niece’s strolling back and forth, so I just inserted text. Lots of text. While in slow motion viewing stone. It feels good to write, and let some peaceful music roll on, but that might be the extent of my films, because believe me, that was difficult enough for me to figure out, just that! We’ll see over time. xx

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