Back From Thrift Shop

Today practice was called off, and I decided to just … what the heck… run into town and go to my favorite thrift shops. It has actually been quite a long while since I’ve been ! I managed to find this…. a steal … $5 for a ever-so-slightly moth-eaten Harris Tweed Jacket. I have ideas for it, though I’ll be taking scizzors to it eventually, to make something else from it (I drool for hand-woven tweed)… and of course…carefully remove and transport the label.

Then, there was the usual back room bin of hangers I always rifle through, looking for the old cleaner advertisement ones, and I found a bundle of seven for 50 cents, wherein there were three nice ones to add to my collection.  I’ve been doing this for quite a few years by the way,  collecting them for literally pennies, from the same shop. I actually only have two which are repeats of the same  cleaners !  You can see some of  here , one of my quirky collections I might say… note 4 digit phone numbers !

Summer’s End

Near the Autumnal Equinox and I am (still) swimming in a woodsy sea of  golden green of moss tips, of blueish green of Madrone leaves, and of greyish green hues of Douglas Fir. Two sleeves and a body, ready to be joined together at the yoke, after having the requisitionary knitting-over of the sleeves.

I admit, I’ve put down my knitting since last week, (nieces visit among other things) and now as consquence, am a hurried knitter. Bother. But I will try not to lose the Be-Here-Now-ness enjoyment and go rushing it.  No rushing allowed ! It’s still scorching hot in Northern California, so I’m almost certain my nieces won’t be dissappointed to wait until first weekend in October before our Autumnal Sweater Photo Shoot.  Still, I’d like to have them finished, or near finished, on the actual equinox, as a matter of personal satisfaction . . .  and by the way, the astrological event of the equinox proper is at 10:2 8a.m. on September 22 this year.

*    *    *

However, in the last couple of weeks I have made one of my regular visits to my favorite local thrift shop, and was so lucky to hit Half-Off Day !!!  Scored another …um…. antique wooden hanger.

:: claps wildly , squeals with delight ::

(Yes, it was only twenty five cents.)

And you know what?  It is the first I’ve found yet, which is a second of a brand name cleaners/dyers. This is my collection, do you see the other , among these  ? This is cause for celebration? You think? Maybe not, but …

I am elated and very proud to show you a rarer kind of find . . .

. . . which was undeniably a colossal deal !

Three dollars and seventy five cents.

Well, and since I have found a few stunning hand-made quilts at thrift shops recently , I felt rather greedy for this one.  After I washed it and dried it out on the line in the mountain air…

I gave it to my sister-in-law.  And happily !

(Yes, she loves it.)

Mossy Green Under The Blue Moon


Did you know that today is the Blue Moon ?  Progress on the mossy sweater pauses as I am in for a bit of a little break from knitting,  a little something non-knitting I’d like to bring to show you.   Occasionally I get all worked up in folksy crafty sorts of projects,  my latest making blackboards out of odd frames I find at thrift shops.  Here’s one of two identical, (two frames @ 25cents a piece), which I stained with espresso and sprayed with shellac , then mounted the matte-black-painted fiber-board.

my new ‘weekly menu’ board !

And the other twin,  has become my grocery shopping list . . .

A third,  which I painted red,

and which I am going to give to my girlfriend who has a birthday this month . . .

And another which is made from an old frame (50cents )

 is now in my work space of my knitting loft, reminding me of upcoming

Knitterly Things To Do. . .

And just in case I’ve made Yarnings a bit ‘ Yawnings ‘ ,  it’s time for a bedtime story.

A totally nonsensical story about a bit of  Thingsy-ness.

Here goes :

Once upon a time there was a knitter who lived in the woods.  A Woodsy Knitter.

She had a few quirky obsessions. One in particular, (besides chalk-boards, which is rather random, and not really about knitting, unless it’s about listing Knitterly Things To Do)  is related to hand-made garments and such… well , sort of.

“Oh really? What is that?” asked Little Red Riding Hood, eyes as big as saucers, as she pulled back the hood to her red cape, and little golden locks of hair bounced around her face.

“I like to collect old wooden hangers.” Said the Woodsy Knitter, while accepting a too-hot bowl of porridge from Mama Bear.

“Oh I see.” Said Hansel, to Gretel, in a very thick German accent , with pastry crumbs falling out of his mouth as he spoke, landing on his sister.

“But now my collection has refined to the particular ones which have advertisements of old Cleaners and Dyers on them. ”  Said the Woodsy Knitter, and then added ” I just found these, only 25cents a piece, yesterday ! ”

“Oh, yes, very nice, very nice !!!” Said Gretel to Hansel, but very annoyed as she brushed crumbs off of her sleeve.

” Also other kinds of wooden hangers too, ”  said the Woodsy Knitter ” like these old beauties, and also the ones which are completely rounded. This one I found yesterday as well…odd how long the wire handle is…”

“How odd indeed ” Said the Three Piggies, all in unison !!!

And the Woodsy Knitter replied ” But now , the very  very strange thing about these advertisements stamped on them, is how I have collected them over the years, and of all the couple of dozen or so,  no two are alike . “

“Not any?” Howled the Big Bad Wolf, questioningly, and gruffly,  as his brows furrowed upon closer inspection.

“No, really, check them out ! You may have to click the photo and enlarge to notice the names, and old-as-the-hills three-digit phone numbers.  Also, most of them are from my home state of California, but not all.” Said the Woodsy Knitter

Then they all went on their merry way, into their own stories,  after looking at the Woodsy Knitter’s crafty chalkboards, mossy knitting, and wooden hangers.

The fog broke.

The sun shone through the trees in the woods,

and the Woodsy Knitter resumed with her knitting,

and they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

A Week of Thrifty Finds

Scavenging thrift shops could be a part-time job I’d take on willingly, but I’m trying to limit my habit of doing so. Last Monday I found an antique gate-leg drop-leaf  work table, and today I scored even more items for my project-craft space ~ an upstairs open room which I call my loft .  Mostly I found old wooden cigar boxes for 50cents each,  but one box in particular is a nifty sliding-top box originally for a micrometer, but has been filled with old carpenter pencils and crayons (and sold that way…all for 50cents) ~ this I intend to give a special home in our new workshop Jeff has been building (and which just had the final building inspection in December). As for the stack of cigar boxes, I will fill them with buttons, notions & threads, and just gadgets to do with knitting, sewing, and needlework of all kinds. I frequent many thrift shops, but one in particular I keep finding old antique wooden hangers at 25cents each,many with logos of cleaner & dyers printed on them ~posted back here , a whole pile of them I’ve been collecting over the years.  Sometimes, as today, I have to cut off the handwork padding to get to the bare hanger, and I’m proud to say these hangers are perfect for the many shirts I’ve made hanging in the closet.  This one time I managed to leave behind all but one of the needlework and craft books.  So there’s my stack of finds from today, which I can’t wait to bring into my workspace and find purpose for each.

My Thrift Obsession

Here’s a heap of antique hangers, just a tiny few of my collection, just the ones which are especially cool. Today I hit a particular charity thrift shop in downtown Napa, and scored six old wooden hangers for 25 cents … for the whole bunch.  Sometimes, they are a little more, usually a quarter each, or a quarter for 3, but this was the best deal yet !
A very nice collection indeed, most of which are California cleaners, but a few which even are from the Old Town Napa…

A Ravelry Alert, for sure… this one says “Owl Cleaners” , with two little stamped owl motifs. How adorable.

“Novelty Dye Works” of Los Angeles !

Occasionally I will score a very frilly handworked one. This one I’m afraid I have put the wear on…

Killer finds, these very old style clamping hangers…

… and my all-time favorite, the “quite-a lot-of-wood” hanger, which I usually hang only the special things in my closet.

Look closely ~my ‘other’ thrift obsession~ anything with the label “Irish Linen”