Yarn Candy

I’ve been enjoying a little rest after a flurry of deadline projects came to a crescendo last week. Back at it again, reading my favorite blogs from spinners, knitters & designers (while spinning), and started to be overcome with that oh-so-familiar impulse to post something ! A little like journalling, but involving tactile sensations as well as color and light ~ an addictive combination. When this happens I grab the camera.

I love the afternoon light from a particular skylight , which brings a trueness and a warmth and a glow to colors, which frankly seem lost with the camera, and so so difficult to really grasp ~ but with a little help from photo settings, I think I managed pretty well on this one.  Just look at the purple I am spinning up, and this suri alpaca is just so soft !  I started yakking about a few days ago,  it in this post .

*    *    *
What lovely fine purple yummy yarn-candy indeed !

7 thoughts on “Yarn Candy

  1. It’s my kind of relaxing day to “drift away.” What glorious purple you have there. And suri–it’s heavenly. I can’t believe you are spinning Suri–of course, you do and you are 😀 That’s one lucky sista-in-law you have there. Just hope she knows how special she is…

    • I have sort of gone purple and plum crazy these days, and am all the better for it. 🙂 I must buy more suri… it is truly the most slippery soft, yet sturdy fiber I have ever experienced. And it takes dye heavenly. Oh, and Eleanor’s Mom really loved it all.

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