Kilt Hose Finished !

They’re done, and I will miss them, but the person they’ve been custom made for will be more than happy I hope, so I will send them off to my Braid Scot friend in Northern Ireland, and he will have them when his kilt cloth gets off the loom and is being sewn into his kilt in Glasgow.  It was very nice to partake in a custom of Scottish tradition, and I must add , that I learn’t much in that area as well.

This epic little project, at first guessed to take a couple weeks ~but which turned into a couple of months~ not only taught me how to make socks, but taught me how to do so much more.  I wrestled my way through learning new techniques all around,  plus overcoming my impatience as well.  Last but not least to wrestle on this project was the Kitchener stitch, which like riding a bicycle, started off wobbly at first, but then went like a charm.

I would like to give special thanks to my Sonoma neighbor and good friend  Morrie ,  for she helped me generously with any question I had ~ from nursing me a whole afternoon through a heel flap and turn in Eye-of-Partridge stitch, to how to do short-row toes on the phone at 9 o’clock pm, and in the end agreeing that the grafting is indeed more like a ‘Bitchener Stitch’, than Kitchener, and lastly, giving me good sound washing and blocking instructions for the best attitude of the yarn used.  And we had a little fun with the Glasgow Patter as well.

The beginning of the project starts here. From from there and up to this post, over the months of July and August, there can be found many posts of progress of these kilt hose.

Kilt Hose posted on Ravelry here.

11 thoughts on “Kilt Hose Finished !

  1. Lurv it! It sure was was a beg hora …well it was pure stoaner tae dae, wan’t it? But it was all worth the bonnie effort in the end. An’ I’ll take that kess I will.

  2. Ha! That’s what ye get when you use to tranlsate..”.it was very hard to do!”
    LMAO hehehe, I could go on with this thread, but there might be bairns pressent. Let’s just say your kilt hose…it was huir uv a braw.

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