A walk in the rain.

jenjoycedesign© rain walk 2 (2).jpg

Walking along beneath a big umbrella in the rain that has been dumping inches all week,  and I couldn’t be happier about that.  I’ve got a lot of thoughts I want to write about in the coming weeks, but want to pace myself through them so I’m not spent way before my new design is ready.  As I mentioned nearly every recent post, I’m entertaining myself connecting elements into a sort of sprawling theme, of veils & variations, and whatever else jumps in my way to shape it as it goes, and let me tell you, I’ve got a great heap of knitting to do before I’m finished with it, but I want to take the time it demands and give it my best.

While I knit I have been contemplating with great nostalgia to be back in my house again, moving between the rooms, and the sun beams through the windows.  But the situation requires I wait many months yet, so I’m trying very hard to concentrate on the present moment.   Today  I’ve had a beautiful walk through the woods, retracing my old trails again and seeing the forest heal a little more, and life is good.

jenjoycedesign© rain walk 2 (1)

6 thoughts on “A walk in the rain.

  1. all the lovely layers of a forest coming back to life. Decaying leaves, bits of bark and moss, seeds dropped along the way, and the trailings of all the forest creatures. Bliss!

  2. How lovely to see that ground soaking up all of the glorious rain!
    Just wonderful.
    Paths, meanderings, veils!
    I have some a couple of Victorian veil “beads”. Beautiful little chiffon/silk covered torpedo shapes with a loop! They hung from ladies veils to keep the fabric in place in the wind.
    Such a beautiful word “veil”.
    Enjoy that rain and the retrieval of paths passed.

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