Penny Candy Socks

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Why not knit a pair of socks this summer? Or if you’re really fast . . . a few pair ? These short-cuffed “Penny Candy” striped socks are so reminiscent of childhood summers (to me) ! The stripes are two-rows wide and follow every turn, through the heel & heel turn and picked up and continued through the gussets into the foot, and through the toe. Uniform, unending, and you need not once cut a strand of yarn from beginning to the very end ! You will most surely will find a rhapsody of flavors in your own combination of colors, perhaps even from your own sock yarn stash. Lets go… and not waste another minute talking about it, because summer will be over before you know it !

22 thoughts on “Penny Candy Socks

    • Carol, the most clever of names , thanks to you ! 🙂 I’m already casting on for another pair ! I am having fun with my stash of sock yarn, can’t decide, aqua and bright green or bubblegum pink and pumkin, or maybe yellow and bubblegum pink, or green or … or… (I have lots of KP Stroll I ordered just for this sock knitting summer. 🙂

  1. love love love them. 🙂 sorry I’ve been missing in action; have missed you. I’m not back into the swing of things yet, but I wanted to pop by and say hi and tell you, the socks are GREAT. You know I’d love to knit anything you put together. 🙂 xoxo

    • Hello Debbie… yes, you’ve been busy, and I’ve missed you , but it’s best to be too busy for the internet, don’t you know !
      Perhaps you’d rather knit the socks (and not the tee, which is a bit more daunting ) 🙂 I’ll send you the password ! You can knit both or none.

  2. Those are just adorable. I’d not only love to knit those, I’d love to wear them! How you did that heel is beyond me, but they turned out fantastic! I love them. Sorry, I’ve been MIA too, a little under the weather, so to speak. But doing fine now! And so glad to see those cheery pin striped socks! Just imagine if I knit all you’ve done in pin stripe! I might look like a clown, but I’d be decked out in really cool stuff! 🙂

    • Hi Martha ! Don’t ask me how I figured out the heel.. I already forget how I landed on that one. These are 2row stripes… calling them candy stripes ! I will send you the password asap !

  3. I would love to knit those cute socks but will have to wait a few weeks as i’m loaded with projects & yes i’m knitting another striped Tee. Casting on as soon as the blue Tundra one is finished. the next one is knit with natural as MC & hand pinted qiviut Mckinley CC.
    Last week we had a few colder days so i wore my Tee & it was lovely, very comfortable…did’nt want to take it off. I enterd my vote earlier today. Cheers♥

    • Hey thanks Lorraine ! I can’t believe it , you’re making a 3rd ! You’re the ‘poster knitter’ for this design, no doubt !!! I will feature your tees in a post in the near future if thats okay with you. 🙂

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